Collective Memory

Mariam Dawood
School of Visual Arts & Design


My work is an attempt to preserve my memories through an art-work that helps relate and connect to others, hence talking about a collective memory of childhood. The memories I have gathered were through wrappers of candies that were gifted, rather awarded to me as a child and had been collecting since a very young age. I extracted moral lessons from each wrapper and made short stories akin to fables out of them.

I made them in the form of readers for children aged between 5 to 7 years who will have an enhanced learning experience due to the dimensionality in the books which has been added by making them into pop up books. The purpose of making the pop up books is to picturize what is happening in the narratives and create richer reading experiences enhancing and heightening nostalgic images making them deeper, prominent and lifelike.

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