Synchronicity of Number 47

Mariam Dawood
School of Visual Arts & Design


The concept of my thesis is to built on the synchronicity of number 47. I am attempting to resolve the synchronicity of the number 47. Initiated my thesis from the no 47 because this number floats back in my life a-lot. I’ve been inspecting this number since 1 year. when I started my thesis I started probing into that number 47 and it caught back and I just started putting the dots together. My grandfather died last year and ever since my grandfather died 47 started coming to me more. Then I asked myself what is this 47 and him. I reviewed 47 Surah Muhammad which is regarding the battle of Badr. I can only relate it to the 1947 partition. The stories I have been listening from my grandfather over the period of my childhood. The way he had told us the stories of partition and his longing for his childhood stories. So i started remembering those stories. I wrote down those stories and it is about his lifestyle milestone partition. It led me to my grandfather story and then I divided it into the four phases which are through my four garments. I am demonstrating through my work during the exile how everything was summing-up progressively. I am revisiting his past through his narrative. So basically my work is all about the dominions of India and Pakistan according to my grandfather sentiments towards 1947 partition.

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