Mariam Dawood
School of Visual Arts & Design

Artist Statement

Childhood games tend to leave quite an impact on an individual at a very young age. A child learns to burst engage and interact with the world through these games, strengthening their minds and cognitive behavior. I used to play many games in my childhood, which have a certain charm to them, as they not only managed to develop an interest, but also evoked a sense of passion inside of me. My project is an open invitation for the viewers to understand the world as I have felt. I have merged my childhood love for games and used my passion for painting as a tool to communicate the story, which goes beyond this project. To portray humor as a defense mechanism, I have highlighted social issues, which are hidden beneath the colorful and comedic appearance of these games. In a way, one can say, that not everything should be judged by appearances, but understanding oneself and reaching past the facades and looking beyond them.

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